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Nanopas particle purifier (Base edition)

Works by building up an electrostatic field in front of unit.

Enough to take care of a room size of 12-15 square meter (height 2.40 m).

Input: 230/240 V via an adapter down to 12 V or 12 v direct – car edition

Energy consumption: 0,3 Watt

Working condition:

Between -20 – 70 degrees Celsius

Relative humidity between 25 C – 93 % – 12 H

Recommended mounting height: 170 cm and above (wall or shelf)

Range of particles:2,5 µm –20 Nano meters

Decibels: Zero

Ozone:< 5ppb (considered as zero), as there is always some ozone in the are.


  • Clean the room every day
  • Dust will occur to the unit and it might also be dirt around the unit (in heavy burden areas)


  • Do not cover
  • Do not touch the black emitter, can give a harmless sparkling sensation (0,05 mA)
  • Do not place on metal or other material that can lead electricity. Close to electronic devices (monitors, radios, routers, mobileetc)
  • Keep away from water
  • Not close to radiator


  • Use vinegar 24%


  • 2 years warranty (base edition).


Nr 21088194


Designed and Developed in SWEDEN.

Contact: peter@nanopas.com